I Know I’m Crazy with NAJA HALL

033: Corona & Coparenting (SPECIAL EPISODE)

March 20, 2020

Typically, Naja releases a podcast episode every other Tuesday, but these are not typical times. Today's date is March 19, 2020 and the world is in the middle of a deadly pandemic. COVID-19, or the coronavirus, as it is commonly called, has caused mass hysteria around the globe. This flu-like illness causes damage to the upper respiratory tract and has taken thousands of people under. Because there is no treatment, cure, and it is highly contagious, society has been instructed to practice social distancing and we are under strict orders to quarantine ourselves.

As a blended family coach, Naja held an Emergency Town Hall to answer community questions regarding coparenting, shared custody during these extenuating circumstances. This interactive episode includes an open Q&A from people from all over the world in many unique situations. 



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