I Know I’m Crazy with NAJA HALL

060: Naja asks a bunch of crazy Family Court questions with Attorney Deborah Pino

January 26, 2021

In this episode, Naja chats with Deborah Pino about her CRAZY experiences as a Family Court Attorney. The two ladies managed to turn a very serious topic into a hilariously, REAL converstaion. Grab your notepad and your tea!


Deborah is an attorney and Guardian Ad Litem in the State of Florida. She has conducted thousands of child support establishment and child support and alimony enforcement bench trials during her time with this office.  After promotion to a Senior Attorney position and serving as acting Managing Attorney in that division, Deborah was offered a position as Senior Attorney enforcing support for all of Broward County, Florida.  It was during her time with Broward County, that Deborah decided to open her own firm.  The Law Offices of Deborah Pino, P.A. was founded in February 2005 where Attorney Pino currently practices family law, which includes paternity, divorce, adoption, child support enforcement and modification.  The firm also handles personal injury matters and simple probate.  The passion Deborah has for children has steered her in the direction of providing a voice for our youth and she has been trained to serve as a Guardia Ad Litem in all Florida Courts.  Recognizing the importance of competent representation in non-traditional venues, Ms. Pino become a member of the Seminole Tribal Court.

Visit Deborah online at https://dpinolaw.com/

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