I Know I’m Crazy with NAJA HALL

IKIC Ep 77: Jerkology: Understanding Jerks Without Becoming One

October 5, 2021

We have all had the misfortune of dealing with a jerk at some point in our lives. Today on the I Know I'm Crazy with Naja Hall podcast, I am chatting with author Jeremy Sherman, Ph.D. about his extensive life's work on adverse personalities.

Jeremy Sherman, Ph.D. is a science researcher and writer who has written 1000 blog articles for Psychology Today under the title Ambigamy: Insights for the deeply romantic and deeply skeptical. For a quarter-century he has collaborated closely with Harvard/Berkeley neuroscientist and biological anthropologist Terrence Deacon developing a theory for the origins of life's struggle for existence, in other words explaining trying or effort from its chemical origins. Sherman writes academically but most of his writing is about everyday decision-making. He has just written a book now available as a free podcast called "What's up with a**holes? Advanced Psychoproctology for beginners.

Visit Jeremy online at www.jeremysherman.com

WATCH this episode on youtube https://youtu.be/20IO3nbg79E

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